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Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions of interest to new residents and visitors to our neighborhood.



  1. How do I get to Stanford Elm?

Homeowners Association

  1. Are there association dues?
  2. Are there association meetings?
  3. Who is on the Association Board of Directors?

Access Gates

  1. How do the gates work?
  2. Where can I get a remote for the gates?
  3. What is the access code for the gates?

Web Updates

  1. How do I add information to this website?


How do I get to Stanford Elm?

Stanford Elm is located at 111th Street and South Sheridan.  The north and west boundaries of the development coincide with the line between the City of Tulsa (to the north and west), and the City of Bixby (to the south and east).  From the Creek Turnpike (also known as Highway 169), take the Memorial exit south.  Go about one and one-half miles south on Memorial to the intersection of 111th Street.  Go west for one mile to the corner of 111th and Sheridan.  You may enter the development from either Sheridan or 111th Street.

When the gates are closed, visitors should use the call box at the each entrance to call for access.

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Are there association dues?

Annual dues are collected by the homeowners association.  The amount is set by a vote of the residents.  The dues are typically billed annually and are due at the beginning of the year.

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Are there association meetings?

The Homeowners Association Board of Directors meets periodically.  There is also an annual meeting for all homeowners.

Homeowners may also be invited to attend special meetings as required.

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Who is on the Association Board of Directors?

The Homeowners Association normally has four members:

bulletVice President

These positions are open to any homeowner and are elected annually at the homeowners meeting.  Additional positions are always available for those who wish to participate.

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How do the gates work?

There is an "in" and an "out" gate at both the 111th and Sheridan entrances.  The "in" gate is opened by one of three methods:

  1. Remote control unit which may be purchased from the homeowners association.  More information is available on the Gate Opener Information page.
  2.  By entering an access code in the keypad at the gate.  Instructions are posted at each gate.
  3. At each gate's keypad, there is a telephone which a visitor can use from their automobile to call the home they wish to visit.  If the resident desires, they can open the gate by pressing "9" on their home phone while the call is in progress.

Please pay special attention to the instructions posted at each gate.  They describe the exact procedure for opening each gate, including the use of the * or # keys

The "out" gate opens automatically when a car approaches from the inside.

Once any gate is opened, it will remain open for about 10 - 15 seconds and will then close automatically.

Caution - The "out" gate at the Sheridan exit opens inward so don't pull up too close.

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Where can I get a remote for the gates?

The Stanford Elm Homeowners Association sells remote control units to residents at cost. 

More information is available here.

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What is the access code for the gates?

The access codes are programmed by the homeowners association and are changed periodically for security.  The code will be provided directly to residents in the Stanford Elm Bark Newsletters.

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How do I add information to this website?

This web site is being maintained as a resource for the residents of Stanford Elm as well as the surrounding community.  Any one wishing to add any news item or advertise an upcoming event should simply contact us and let us know what to add.

Stanford Elm Residents can update the resident directory themselves at our Residents Directory Page.

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